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The Bluffton Lash Lounge offers the best in eyelash extensions, threading and waxing services. 

Bluffton Lash Lounge offers an appointment only basis; we are setting aside time specifically for you when you book an appointment.

A minimum 24 BUSINESS HOURS notice must be given to reschedule or cancel appointments. Not showing for your scheduled appointment or not giving 24 hrs notice will result in a cancellation fee of 100% of the service charge.

A credit card will be required by all guests to secure appointments; by agreeing to our booking/cancellation policy, you authorize Bluffton Lash Lounge to charge your credit card on file per cancellation policy. Any gift certificates being used for this service will be applied to this cancellation charge BEFORE being applied to your credit card on file.

Please, be considerate of other clients' scheduled appointments and arrive on time or your appointment may be shortened, incurring the full service charge.


*As a courtesy to our clients, Bluffton Lash Lounge offers appointment reminders through text and email. We will collect your contact info at the time of booking your appointment and on your client intake form with your permission.

Bluffton Lash Lounge will send you a confirmation reminder of your appointment 24 hrs prior to your appointment. It is ultimately your responsibility to remember your scheduled appointments. IF you NO SHOW your appointment, Bluffton Lash Lounge will charge a no-show fee of 100% of service, and future appointments may need to be prepaid at the discretion of Bluffton Lash Lounge.


**By making appointments with Bluffton Lash Lounge you are agreeing to these terms.



All appointments are held on an appointment only basis. *We charge a specific service fee for the allotted time and service. How full your lashes will look at the end of your touchup appointment will be greatly affected by how many lashes you have when you arrive for your appointment. Please, keep this in mind when determining how long to wait to schedule your refills, as we require all our lash clients to return every 2-3 weeks (sometimes sooner depending on how fast your natural lashes grow and how well you maintain them in between fills).

*If you have been a rough on your lashes in between fills and have lost more than normal, additional time may be needed at an ADDITIONAL COST.  If this is the case, please contact Bluffton Lash Lounge prior to your appointment to allow adjustment of time.


Being on time and having clean lashes ensures you get the maximum time for lash application, every minute counts with eyelash applications. Unfortunately, additional time cannot be given to clients who arrive late to their appointment or arrive with dirty lashes (ie: liquid eyeliner, mascara, goopy/sleepy eyes). Arriving on time for your lash appointments is important to ensure your treatment time is not cut down, as we need to stay on time. Do not drink coffee, tea or caffeine-based products before arriving for your lash appointment as this will make you fidgety.




Please arrive with 10 minutes to spare for your appointment. This allows you to start to unwind, relax, and visit the restroom. Arriving late to appointments requires your lash artist to shorten your appointment time, so clients following you are not held up. Full fees will still be applicable, therefore, it really is in your best interest & comfort to be on time.  Unfortunately, additional time cannot be given to clients who arrive late to their appointment.



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